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7 Questions To Ask Any Carpet Cleaner Before You Choose a Company To Hire

1. Do you have a written guarantee.
       Click here for Mainstreet Cleaning & Restoration Guarantee
2. Do you give written estimates before work is started.
       Yes MC&R will always show the price before we start any cleaning.
3. Do you use truck-mounted hot water extraction.
       Yes MC&R uses high end 49 hp truck-mounted extraction, which means better cleaning for your home.
4. Are you Certified by the IICRC.
       Yes my IICRC Certification # is 70830
5. Do you have references of satisfied customers.
       Yes see MC&R testimonial links below.
     Video Testimonials       Written Testimonials use zip code 32789
6. Are you a member of Ethical Services.
       Yes see written testimonial link above.
7. Are you insured.
       es MC&R has all paperwork to be supplied upon request
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